Sunday, December 18, 2016

Anxious Times for Magazine Publishers?

From the Twitter account of @crayonelyse
Those of us in the magazine industry – uh, magazine-media industry -- like to point out that we’re not going the way of newspapers because we’re better at handling digital disruption.

But our friends in book publishing aren't persuaded.

The description of a session at the Digital Book World 2017 conference about thriving “in an area of constant change” concludes: “Maybe things aren’t so bad: Just look at the newspaper/magazine publishing industry!”

Humph, as if we're part of the same industry as newspapers!

Nor is the U.S. Census Bureau persuaded: It reports that, during the first nine months of 2016, revenue for magazine publishers declined 4.4% while newspaper publishers were down only 3.1%.

Hey, but at least our Facebook Likes are growing. And we're not changing the names of our companies to something that "sounds like the noise an ejaculating elephant makes."  

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