Saturday, May 22, 2010

FSS Throughputs 9% Below Plan, USPS Official Says

Flat Sequencing System machines are handling about 9% fewer pieces of mail than originally planned but are still proving to be worth the investment, a postal official said this week.

“Additional savings opportunity exists for expanding beyond Phase 1,” according to a presentation from Rosa Fulton, Executive Director of Flats Sequencing, to the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee this week. The 100 machines in Phase I will only handle one-fourth to one-third of the Postal Service’s flat mail when they are all operational a little more than a year from now, she noted.

Low mail volumes, not mechanical problems, are causing the 12 machines that are up and running to handle about 255,000 pieces per day rather than the 280,500 target in the original plan, Ms. Fulton said.

That target was set a few years ago when the amount of catalogs, magazines and other flat mail was growing slightly. But flats volume declined 26% from fiscal year 2005 to FY 2009 and is still decreasing.

As a result, each FSS machine is handling more delivery points than planned. That means more daily runs for each machine because there’s a limit to the number of delivery points in a single run.

“Increasing the number of runs decreases [the] number of pieces that can be processed daily” because of the changeover times between runs, Ms. Fulton’s presentation said. “Technology solutions to gain back efficiencies are in review.”

The Postal Service’s vision for flats mail includes the goals to “optimize savings potential for Phase 1” and “extend flats sequencing beyond Phase 1,” she said.

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Anonymous said...

We eliminated 400 workhours of the letter carrier craft! Pay no attention that we had to create 1200 new workhours for maintainence personnel needed to keep the machines working. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You can get your reports to prove anything you want. When is someone going to investigate this mismanaged cluster falk of a disorganization?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that she would make a negative comment. she knows her throat would get cut. Remember ,"if you can't dazzle them with brillance,baffle them with _________."

dryMAILman said...

If we ignore history, we're doomed to bail it out again.

JANUARY 13, 2010

Unknown said...

Like my mother used to say, "figures don't lie....but liars figure".

Drewk86a said...

So the throughput is 9% below goal...Last I heard that was only one of the many conerns regarding FSS.

The others included:
Piece acceptance rate below goal
Read rate below goal
Productivity rate below goal
Workhour reduction not achieved

The USPS Spekesperson faile to mention how the FSS stacks up on those gauges?

Anonymous said...

I could tell you one thing, John or Jack Potter, the Postmaster General wouldn't even admit any of postal truth in these, huh??? Where do you think he's running off to???