Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bernstock Just Won't Go Away

If postal executives want everyone to forget about the Robert F. Bernstock fiasco, they should tell the Internet search engines and their own webmasters.

Type the query "bernstock usps" into Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, and the first link that comes up is for a glowing biography of the disgraced postal official on the Postal Service's Web site. A search of "bernstock" on the Postal Service's own Web site has the biography among the first few links.

Bernstock left USPS in June after several questionable practices came to light, including issuing no-bid contracts to his cronies. But the Postal Service's Web site continued to list Bernstock as a top postal official until Dead Tree Edition pointed out the error. (See Bernstock Gone But Not, Um, Quite Gone and That Was Quick!.)

The online biography, which no longer seems to have a link from the Postal Service's main Web pages, says Bernstock "is responsible for all product management, product development, retail and commercial products and services and commercial sales. The division that he leads produces more than $70 billion in annual revenue, and has integrated roles in pricing, operational support, service enhancements, partnerships, and investment activities — all critical to the success of postal products."

For more about the Bernstock scandals, please see "What About Bernstock?" And Other Tough Questions for Postal Execs.


Anonymous said...

Bernstock just won't go away might not be a bad thing to happen, considering that the OIG investigation revealed that many top USPS officers knew his actions were wrong and yet assisted him, sadly out of personal cowardice and fear of retaliation. The story should not go away so easily because having many officers caught red-handed in contribution to deceit and manipulation should not be erased from memory so quickly...thanks to USPS' website and biography we remember the tale spoonfed to the public and sadly to the employees who are disciplined harshly for lesser offenses.Let the outdated bio stay until the root causes are uprooted.

Anonymous said...

The public should think USPS as little kingdom where the top executives could do whatever they want even dealing with illegal stuffs and can't be caught.They operated like this mentality for a long time which can make them think it is okay to act bad and illegal in the first place. Why not do it when they don't get caught? They think it is a normal anyway.They can spend millions on housing for excutives while the company in losing money. It is morally wrong for them to do it, but who care, it is not their money anyway.That mentality got to stop and it has to begin from the top.