Friday, October 15, 2010

Readers Cry Foul Over Mailing Mag's Cover

Business-to-business magazines have a notoriously difficult time finding interesting and relevant cover images. Mailing Systems Technology rose to the challenge this month, but don’t be surprised if the November cover features a postage meter or some other “safe” subject.

I’ll let Amanda Armendariz, MST’s editor, tell the story, from an email she sent to subscribers this week:

“We were trying to go for something a bit different than the usual charts and graphs that normally grace the cover of survey issues, something that would grab your attention. We appear to have succeeded, although not always in the best way. We've gotten several comments from people who are concerned that the image is glorifying the abuse and battering of women.”

“The woman on our cover is a boxer, not an abused woman. When we selected the photo, we felt that the fact that her hands are wrapped as are any boxer's hands makes it clear that she's engaging in this competitive sport of her own free will."

“Perhaps the same image of a man would have been perceived as a boxer and been more acceptable, but we chose the image because it portrayed a strong woman who demonstrates several things: first, that she can take a punch and keep on fighting (in the ring) just like mail managers have to do in these changing times. Furthermore, we strongly support women who are pioneers in fields that are generally male-dominated, as is the case with women in boxing."

“Our entire staff hopes that everyone is able to take another look at the cover through a different perspective.”

The subject is clearly a boxer, not an abused woman, but it might have been less confusing if she were wearing boxing gloves, headgear, or a mouthguard.


Anonymous said...

The screamers should get a life.

dryMAILman said...

I expected an expose' on one woman's struggles to safely deliver postal FSS.

Anonymous said...

Really? As an advocate for abused individuals (it happens to men too) I immediately knew that this picture was of a boxer. I think those that see it as something more are looking for a reason not to address the real issues at hand.

Anonymous said...

I think the depiction is inaccurate as the mailing industry should have two black eyes, not just one.