Monday, October 24, 2011

Postal Service Mixes Up Its Fruits

Apple,  Blackberry, whatever -- one of those fruity things.

The U.S. Postal Service touted a new app for Apple's iPhone and iPod products Friday with an illustration clearly showing a competing Blackberry device.

The monthly issue of the e-newsletter PCC Insider, which goes to members of Postal Customer Councils, noted the advent of "a new revenue stream for USPS -- and it's being generated online." The article explained that Apple's new Cards app will enable "users to create personalized greeting cards with their own text and photos and have them delivered by First-Class Mail to any address in the world."

But the photo is clearly of a Blackberry device made by Canadian company Research in Motion.

Here's the difference: An iPhone is a smartphone that can run apps. Friends tell me that a Blackberry is a not-so-smart phone (perhaps from playing too much hockey without a helmet before crossing the border) that runs "crapps", which is short for "crappy apps."


Anonymous said...

And you are surprised that some HQ PCES VP doesn't know anything about his/her specialty area? duhh

Anonymous said...

HQ??that is why we are in this position, incompetentmanagement

Anonymous said...

The USPS uses the Blackberry and would have needed to borrow an Apple. They normally give their money to businesses that don’t do anything in return for them.