Saturday, July 2, 2016

Long-Form Journalism: New Name, Old Concept


Today’s hot Publishing Word of the Day is "long-form journalism", a much-talked about concept among web publishers who are trying to boost their reputations.

Long-form is web content that’s written in complete sentences and sometimes even, like, entire paragraphs. It’s what we old timers call “articles” and millennials call “TL/DR.”

In the magazine industry -- uh, magazine-media industry -- long-form means "stuff on the web site that was also in the print magazine."

Bloomberg BusinessWeek created a long-form stir last year by publishing a 38,000-word, 15-chapter piece called “What Is Code?” I actually started reading it on my -- Wait, someone's texting me . . . .

Where was I? Oh yeah, I never did finish "What Is Code?", nor did anyone else. But it did wonders for BusinessWeek’s sense of gravitas.

Tomorrow's Word of the Day: listicular cancer

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