Thursday, October 23, 2008

Call a mohel, this baby's growing!

At just 8 days old (thus the reference to a mohel -- it's Hebrew, look it up), this baby already passed 3,000 visits.

Thanks for the encouraging words, the gossip and tips (need more of those), and for spreading the word to friends and colleagues. I hope not just to write but to stir up conversations that help us all navigate these trying times. I welcome comments, criticism, suggestions, insights, and even guest postings. Feel free to "talk to the Tree" at

This truly is a labor of love intended to help this industry I love. Yeah, there are a few ads on the site, but they are mostly so I can occasionally splurge on a Starbucks double mocha latte like the office’s Web genius is always drinking instead of swilling the free crapola from my employer’s coffeepot. Besides, this old ink-on-paper dinosaur is fascinated by an ad model (Google AdSense) where the words “competitive separation”, “ratebase,” and “makegood” are never uttered. And I actually learned something from clicking on one of the ads. (Hint, hint . . .)

Anyway, shoutouts (Hey, if I'm going to do this Web thing, I occasionally have to talk like a Gen-Y) to the Web sites that have featured our posts, including PostalNews, PostalMag, Forestweb (a paid-subscription site), PostCom, and Postal Affairs Blog.

And be careful with that knife, rabbi!

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