Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forest Development, Add-a-name, Intelligent Mail

A few items on other sites worth noting:

  • "Private forest owners can make more money selling their land for subdivisions than harvesting it for timber," begins a recent item in the Corvalis, Oregon Gazette-Times.

  • Add-a-name and drop-a-name are tricks that cataloguers use to reduce their postal costs, as an item in Multichannel Merchant explains this week. I know of one magazine publisher that tested add-a-name a few years ago and wonder whether others have tried it recently now that the incentives are better. Quick explanation: If you have five Periodicals pieces going to the same postal carrier route, adding a sixth piece will make them eligible for a carrier-route bundle, saving more than 50 cents in postage on the five pieces. That sixth piece might have a negative incremental cost.

  • Intelisent's Postal Affairs Blog has a brief item explaining the difference between the "basic option" and "full-service option" for the Intelligent Mail Barcode. Isn't "intelligent mail" an oxymoron?

  • If you agree that there's more to environmentally friendly paper than recycled content, go to Folio:'s recent piece about sustainable paper and place a comment saying that people should read "I'm an environmental idiot!". Be sure to copy the piece's URL ( into the comment because Dead Tree Edition is still hard to find via search engines. If what you want is in-depth coverage of sustainability issues regarding paper from a buyer's perspective, go to the Sustainability section of PaperSpecs blog.

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