Friday, November 12, 2010

How Quickly Can the Postal Service Implement a Rate Increase?

I need to clarify my statement from yesterday (See USPS's Action Delays Announcement of New Postal Rates) about how quickly the U.S. Postal Service can implement rate increases that comply with the inflation-based price cap.

The key language in the PRC's ratemaking rules states, "no rate shall take effect until 45 days after the Postal Service files a notice of rate adjustment specifying that rate." The period could be longer if someone challenges the proposed rates as being out of compliance with the price cap.

Some have also contacted me questioning how quickly the Postal Service's information systems could be updated with the new rates, given the recurring problems with PostalOne and other USPS systems. Good question.


Anonymous said...

The USPS IT group is incompetent. They can't adjust to any rate setting demands within a year implemented by USPS.

Just ask anyone about IT's brainfart of a system for ACE (any platform). Telecommuters rip their eyeballs out waiting for file syncs and data downloads.

What a POS system.

Anonymous said...

pos=point of sale