Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Censor Me: The Magazine Slogans That Were Too Hot for Publishing Executive

Inspired by Bon Appetit’s “Bite me” advertising campaign, I asked my readers a few months ago to do their part for the magazine industry and offer suggestive slogans for other titles. The response was overwhelming.

Publishing Executive posted some of those slogans today in an article that appears in the publication’s May-June issue. But, referring to my readers as “perverts”, the good folks at PubExec decided some of the suggestions were a little too suggestive for a respected B2B magazine.

But they’re not too hot for a disreputable blog that relies on AdSense for most of its limited income. So here are the best of the proposed slogans that Publishing Executive decided not to publish:

  • Road and Track: Grab my stick shift
  • Food & Wine: Eat me, drink me
  • National Geographic: Go around the world with me
  • Southern Living: Inbreed with me
  • Sailing: Play with my man in the boat
  • AOPA Pilot: Mile high me
  • The Priest: Be my altar boy
  • National Hog Farmer: Pork me
  • Modern Steel Construction: Erect me
  • Lubes’n’Greases: Lubricate me
  • Soft Drinks International: Mountain Dew me
  • Elevator World: Shaft me
  • The Carpenter Magazine: Nail me
  • Tea & Coffee Journal: Teabag me
  • Sport Diver: Go down with me
  • Psychotherapy: Go crazy on me
  • Journal of Neurosurgery: Drill my brains
  • The American Journal of Orthopedics: Bone me

Oh, and what about the slogans for Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy that Publishing Executive saw fit to tone down? Let’s just say that the North American Publishing Company does not generally use the words “pussy” and “doggie” in its magazines.

Thanks to all the postal workers, publishers, printers, mailers, and other folks of twisted mind who submitted entries. And a special thanks to Patrick G. of Newport News, Virginia, who submitted slogans that were so naughty he should be spanked – except that wouldn’t exactly be punishment for him.

Now if we can just come up with a “Bite me” style slogan for Publishing Executive . . .

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