Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lobbying the Postal Service Is a Multimillion-Dollar Business

Note: Additional information is provided in the June 15 follow-up article, An Explanation of Postal Service Lobbying.

Corporations and associations spent more than $20 million last year to lobby the U.S. Postal Service, according to a government database.

During the past decade, organizations shelled out $283 million to influence the USPS.

But even the lobbying business has hit hard times. The amount spent on lobbying the Postal Service has declined every year since 2005, when the combined tab surpassed $40 million, the Senate's Lobbying Database shows.

Three organizations accounted for more than half the $20.3 million spent on influencing the Postal Service last year. The top spenders were:

1)  American Bankers Association: $5.5 million
2)  American Express Company: $2.89 million
3)  Pitney Bowes: $1.99 million
4)  Lorillard Tobacco Company: $1.86 million
5)  Retail Industry Leaders Association: $1.23 million
6)  (tie) Direct Marketing Association and Newspaper Association of America: $1 million each
8)  Disabled American Veterans: $810,000
9)  Medco Health Solutions: $470,000
10) National Newspaper Association: $460,000

Other major spenders of note included Printing Industries of America ($394,745), Appleton Inc. ($190,000), American Business Media ($150,000), Greeting Card Association ($120,000), and the National League of Postmasters ($100,000).

Nearly $5.6 million was spent lobbying the Postal Service during the 1st Quarter of this year. Leading the way were Medco Health Solutions ($1.08 million), International Paper ($1 million), and the Air Transport Association of America ($960,000).


Anonymous said...

Don't You mean lobbying Congress on Postal legislation?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. As a postal employee, I know the PO is making big money. They never tell the American people about the big money moving around up there at HQ. Employees see the wasteful spending every day. When will reporters start interviewing workers to get the real story about what goes on behind the smoke screen?

Anonymous said...

The Media won't or can't interview employees of the USPS because it is forbidden. If a member of the media approaches a USPS rank and file employee they are told, in no uncertain terms, not to speak about anything postal and to direct all questions to management.

Drewk86a said...

Please clarify "lobbying the post office".

If they are giving money to postal officials that would be a crime.

If they are giving money to Congressman in an attempt to influence their votes on postal issues, it is typical Washington business.

Steve said...

Who said postal workers cannot talk to the media? Many of the AMP studies that are being done we have postal union workers out picketing in front of the Post Offices. When the media comes up to us, we who are the picket line, we tell them what we think. Or, at least direct them to our union leaders who will talk to the media. Why should we direct them to management? It's freedom of speech.